Services We Offer


The YFIDapp DeFi exchange eliminates the need for middlemen. Transactions take place at exponentially higher speeds and are cost-effective when compared to traditional bank transactions. Our DeFi exchange plays the role of a custodian by holding funds and digital assets. Despite this, the owner of the funds always has complete control over his/her assets.

Trading on the YFIDapp platform offers a unique set of advantages over centralized exchanges. Permissionless transactions allow anyone and everyone to take part in finance. This inclusive platform eliminates a majority of the discrimination faced in conventional finance systems.


Earn rewards by locking up funds and having the opportunity to create a block by being selected randomly. The higher the amount staked, the higher the chance of being selected to validate a block. It would be the first-ever time you get a 1% daily profit for the tokens you stake. It’s a great opportunity to seize especially considering that several funds are staying stagnant without being utilized for the purpose of providing returns. We at YFIDapp believe that sharing profits with our investors is the right way forward.


YFIDapp finance launchpad is a token launch platform transformative crypto project. It is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) system that helps to launch tokens for fundraising.

Our launchpad ecosystem's primary goal is to help accelerate the crypto startup projects to reach the highest standards. For joining our launchpad, the project needs to satisfy the set of defined strict guidelines to ensure quality, security, and efficiency.


You can make the best use of your funds and digital assets by lending to borrowers and earning passive income from them. Even your idle funds can earn you good interest instead of wasting away in your wallets for years. Instantly match with borrowers from all over the globe and collect great returns. Our lending algorithm is totally enforced by smart contracts and is not prone to any tampering. With us, you can stay assured.


YFIDapp allows you to get loans from lenders instantly without the need for KYC checks. On this platform, anyone can borrow, thereby creating numerous opportunities for all individuals and institutions without the need for several legal procedures. You have complete autonomy and get to choose the amount of your loan and the period over which you will complete repayment. The peer-to-peer marketplace is brimming with possibilities from which you can select your ideal loan offer, hassle-free.

Insurance/Insuring funds

The existing obscurity around DeFi creates a sense of anxiety. Our members can relax knowing that they have insured their funds with the packages we offer. Purchase your ideal coverage and protect your investment against any possible risk. Although the blockchain and DeFi space seems like a risky and uncertain sector, it is filled with rewarding opportunities that you should exploit. Minimize your risk with the help of insurance and reap great returns.


Members can earn returns by offering liquidity. It is a great way to generate earnings through fund holdings. Deposit your funds into a liquidity pool and earn rewards on the lending, borrowing, and exchange of tokens. Any individual has the chance to be a liquidity provider. They can deposit a certain value or amount in a pool and receive pool tokens in proportion to the liquidity that they brought in. You can select from a variety of strategies of yield farming. Whether it’s low risk low reward or high risk high reward, it’s your pick.

Gaming: YFIDapp Special

When it comes to gaming, we at YFIDapp have come a long way. DeFi has so much scope in the gaming industry because of its decentralized nature allowing reliable and trustless transactions to take place. The rarity and value of virtual items can be easily validated on the network where everything is recorded. Developers of these games also find DeFi a great opportunity to be able to make some revenue. Our latest approach would be to bring the salient features of DeFi into Casino gaming, and other gaming avenues. Watch out for this one, it’s gonna take the industry by storm!

The development of crypto is not limited to the finance sector; many different business verticals are eyeing for the newfound opportunities in this field.

Online casino gaming is one such area that is fast adopting crypto-based online casino games. YFIDapp crypto-casinos games can be played using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One of the significant advantages of online crypto casinos is anonymity, which traditional casinos cannot provide. Anonymity is essential because most of the casino players prefer to stay anonymous for security reasons. It helps the players secure their winning amount without being an easy target for kidnapping, theft, and fraud.