Our Mission

Finance Magnates suggest that though the overall virtual asset market is undergoing tremendous challenges and sluggishness in the wake of regulatory issues, it is a fact that the segment has transformed itself into world-class businesses. Before the Bull Run started, digital coin platforms came with pet projects promoted by a few people working from apartments. Now that the businesses have become an established one, a number of them are showing interest to monetize. How they want to do is the million dollar question among investors.

There are four ways available for them to raise funds. One among them is seeking acquisition, and they could plan an initial public offering (IPO). Similarly, they could also opt to tokenize themselves through initial coin offering (ICO) or any other means. The fourth attempt is to raise funds from private investors, which could enable the promoters to wait for more time to offload their stake. The interim period could see the market getting stabilized.

Our Vision

Recently, Smart Valor CEO (the Swiss-based company which seeks to enable the first stable coin backed by Swiss Franc), Olga Feldmeier, indicated that the most popular trend is the acquisition of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Incidentally, it is the first generation of digital coin exchanges that is seeing its success currently.

The second generation could focus on not only tokenized assets but also on security tokens. One of the cryptocurrency exchanges that is engaged in acquisition spree is Coinbase that acquired Cipher Browser, Earn.com, Distributed Systems, and Paradex Crypto. Similarly, Circle has acquired cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. It is clear that the strong enterprises are taking advantage and is keen on extending its role on the emerging sector.

About Us

YFIDapp is a secure and cost-effective DeFi platform that was founded in (Date) when decentralized finance was just becoming a buzzword. We developed YFIDapp as a solution to the existing hurdles faced in traditional finance such as expensive transactions, intermediaries, and slow processes. Our founder, Black Widow, and the team have profound knowledge of how blockchain and DeFi operates and therefore bring their expertise to this revolutionary platform.

Our community is a huge leap ahead of the existing financial world. Members have a certain set of privileges that they can exercise when dealing with where the platform is heading towards. The DeFi ecosystem is taking the world head on with the potential it has for various industries. We are implementing this tech to reach closer to a better financial system that boasts of fairness and inclusivity for all.