Benefits of our DeFi Platform


Anyone can use our truly permissionless platform. Permissionless basically means ‘public’. There is no requirement to go through KYC and credit checks to be qualified to take part in decentralized finance. There is a sense of universality in the platform as no one is discriminated based on whatsoever reason. It also gives access to huge investors and small-time investors who want to see growth in their finances by earning passive income.

Faster transactions

The lack of intermediaries ensures that transactions take seconds rather than several days like that of traditional finance systems. Since the transactions take place on a high-speed network and there is no need for verification by third-party individuals or organizations, the entire process is time-efficient.

Borderless finance

Enjoy finance without borders. Interact with individuals and organizations from all over the globe. This opens up new avenues for investing, lending, and borrowing. Unlike traditional finance, where there are requirements to bypass several legal procedures when dealing with international transactions, DeFi is instant, simple, and accessible.


There is no central authority that acts as a custodian for your funds. It is a completely trustless platform. Get instant loans without the need for bank approvals. Because no lawyers or banks are required to verify processes, it could make the transactions or the whole process less expensive. The absence of middlemen results in lenders enjoying higher premiums and cut down on costs for borrowers.

Complete financial control

You have complete control of your finances. There's no middleman or authority that manages your finances for you. Exercise complete power and stay anonymous. Generally, in traditional finance, lenders and borrowers are aware of each others’ identities, but in DeFi anonymity and privacy are given the highest importance.


YFIDapp ensures complete security and transparency. Smart contracts help in drastically minimizing risks so that your financial transactions are processed securely. Unlike in a traditional and centralized exchange where your keys are in the hands of a custodian, basically some stranger, YFIDapp is completely in your hands and safe from external attacks.

Passive Income

You can earn returns on your funds without having to hand them over to an unreliable third-party individual or institution. Enjoy higher rates of interest when compared to traditional finance systems. No one, we say no one else gives you the returns that we offer.